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Pick Out a New Outfit

Come to our local boutique in Haughton, LA

Whether you like to keep up with changing trends or prefer a more classic, vintage vibe, you're sure to find something you love at LuvLux Boutique. Our local boutique has plenty of clothing, shoes and accessories for sale. You're sure to appreciate our huge selection- and you'll appreciate the price tags even more.

Call 318-615-4331 now to speak with a staff member at our local boutique in Haughton, LA.

Why should you come to LuvLux Boutique?

We guarantee a personable shopping experience with staff members eager to help customers. The owner is right there giving you advice and letting you know what clothing items we've just gotten in. We're all about making it easier for people to express themselves.

Try on something that suits your style

Maybe you have a goal in mind, or maybe you're just shopping for fun. No matter what, our clothing store is the place to be. You can pick out a new outfit for work or treat yourself to a sparkly going-out top.

When you come to our boutique, you'll find:

  • Clothing in all sizes and styles
  • Plenty of cute shoes and bags
  • Local brands for sale

We offer online shopping with free shipping for your convenience. We also provide delivery and pickup services.

Contact us today to learn more about our women's clothing store in Haughton, LA.